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Bag Accessories: How to Customize Your Bag?

Designers all around are coming up with styles and collections that are unique. Coming are the times when the ramps would be more "idea-based" than "product-based" and the Future trends, if summed up in one word, would only be "personal." 

Big names in the fashion world are inclined towards depicting your personal style through outfit and the accessories that compliment your look. Bag accessories are the new way to add color and sport some bling to your whole look. Add a trendy keychain to your backpack or an eye-catching charm that speaks out for you as it is all about details now. 

Keychains and Charms:

Keychains and bag charms not only let you personalize your bag but also come in handy when you have got a bunch of keys to carry at a time. Trendy keychain and unique bag charms can be your way of being vocal about your style. Add interest to your otherwise-boring bags by hanging a colorful, glittery keychain or a tassel pom-pom charm. A number of designers are going contemporary with presenting bag accessories by taking in inspiration from what's trendy, be it a smiley emoji, cute little fur-ball bag charm, a miniature music instrument or straight out of the country-side cowboy boots keychain. These bag charms and keychains are made with a range of materials from hard metals to soft woolen threads and can be colored in any texture and pattern either handpainted or employing strokes of a machine-brush. 

Bag charms keychains accessories keychains

Hand Painted Cowboy Boots
Keychain by negiarabani

Pom-Pom Key Chain/
Bag Charm

Smiley Face Bag Charm

Textured Letters, Pins and Patches:

keychains negiarabani

Other accessories you can use to customize your bag is rather bold. Either stick on a badge that pronounces your cause or spell out a word with textured letters that utters about your personality or simply attach a customized pin. Vividly bright letters add a little fun to your solid colored bags. Handcrafted leather letters are "in" these days and can be a way to communicate without having actually to say out your message. Colorful letters or a bright pin looks really edgy with an everyday solid textured backpack. If you support a cause, you can advertise it by putting a badge on your bag, creating awareness. Its all about speaking less and communicating more. 


keychains for locks

Padlocks were introduced as a mini code-locks to keep your bag and the items in it safe from any theft. Designers being quite innovators have taken these ordinary-looking padlocks and presented a whole new series of "Padlock charms." This way, you can ensure the safety of your bag and rock your style, at the same time. They come in a series of varieties and sizes, and you can get whichever suits your style.