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Art, Design, and the Birth of American Modernist Studio Jewelry

The Beginning Art jewelry, as the name suggests, is jewelry created by artists often in a studio setting. This unique artform allows artists to showcase different materials, textures, colors, and shapes through bold sculptural pieces that evoke emotion the same way a painting does. Most pieces are crafted with noble materials like wood glass, or clay instead of the traditional gemstones or fine metals found in most jewelry today. Many people believe that jewelry as art began as early as the late nineteenth century, prior to the modernist jewelry movement of the 1940s.     This influx or art jewelry during this time was a counter-reaction to the Victorian styles, which were heavy, ornate, and often not a reflection of...

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Why Customized Keyrings Are Better Than Normal Ones

Getting things to customize is becoming a new trend. People are customizing each and everting nowadays from the jewellery to their smartphones. Customize things are also a very good item to give someone a memorable gift. Usually, in different events, people don’t know what kind of present will be perfect for them. But with the help of customization, this problem is solved because you can get anything to customize online nowadays. 

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3 Silver Jewelry Items You Must Try

Silver is one of those precious metals that been a symbol of wealth and status for centuries. This is among the world rarest metals that are being used to make jewelry for centuries. We all know that Silver is not as expensive as the other metals like gold, platinum, and palladium but it holds a specific place in the jewelry business. People like to buy silver jewelry because it is less expensive as well as it has more than one use when comes to women fashion jewelry.  This metal has been used as a jewelry metal since 3000 B.c and holds a great position in the jewelry world due to its shine and rare odor. Its beautiful color gives your...

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Jewelry forecast 2020

Unique statement chokers and necklaces are defining the jewelry industry this season. Unusual pieces of jewelry, rhinestone earrings, 3d printed rings, and oversized chain-link necklaces are also equally tasty side dishes too.

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