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3 Silver Jewelry Items You Must Try

Silver is one of those precious metals that been a symbol of wealth and status for centuries. This is among the world rarest metals that are being used to make jewelry for centuries. We all know that Silver is not as expensive as the other metals like gold, platinum, and palladium but it holds a specific place in the jewelry business. People like to buy silver jewelry because it is less expensive as well as it has more than one use when comes to women fashion jewelry

This metal has been used as a jewelry metal since 3000 B.c and holds a great position in the jewelry world due to its shine and rare odor. Its beautiful color gives your jewelry a refined touch and also makes you elegant. There are multiple types of silver available in the market to make jewelry and all of them are different from each other due to their quality and pureness. 

Types of Silver used in Jewelry

Silver Statement Long Choker Necklace

There are three types of silver available in the market for different women jewelry fashion and all of them have their own specific qualities that we are going to discuss. 

Sterling Silver

This is a type of od silver that has 92 percent silver and 8 percent other metals like copper and nickel to give it strength. 

Fine Silver

This is a more pure form of silver and it contains 99.9% silver and just .01 percent of other metal elements. 


BAs you know about the gold plate just like that there are silver plates and this is the purest form of silver containing 100% particles of just silver. 

Types of Silver Jewelry that are must try

Now the main concern remains that if silver is being used in every kind of jewelry than what should you buy. The answer to this question is these 3 different types of silver jewelry that you can try in 2020. 


Silver Statement Rings

Rings are being used for centuries as one of the best ways to start wearing jewelry. It also symbolizes different relations in a different culture. Usually, when we hear about the ring the first thought comes to our mind is a couple getting engaged. Nowadays it has become a part of people’s fashion. People are wearing crown promise rings to show they are committed and usually, it is a simple accessory that will go with your every outfit. All kinds of rings can mean anything but the main thing about them is that they make your hands look pretty. 


Silver statement Choker Necklace

Now, this jewelry item usually defines the status of an individual.  In the past, people know about the wealth of any family by judging how big the necklace is worn by their women. But nowadays the silver necklace has become a trend. You guys can easily get an exotic looking silver necklace online in just a few bucks. So, if you are thinking of giving someone a gift than a silver necklace can be a good choice for you. The best thing about getting a necklace is that it makes your neck more visible to others and people are forced to pay attention to you in the crowd. It also helps you cover any spots on your neck if you are wearing any deep neck dress. 


Silver Triangle Wooden Statement earrings

Earings are another type of silver jewelry item that looks so astonishing when you wear them. There are different women fashion earrings in silver that are available in the market and online as well.  All kinds of mega-events that happen in your life can never be completed if you don’t have matching earrings to your outfit. Earings make you look more elegant and differentiate you from others in public. All those females who think that earings make their ear hurts can try light silver earrings and they are cheap to buy as well.

Now, these are the basic jewelry items that you guys should think about when trying to wear jewelry for the first time. All these items can be made by any type of silver which don’t put any strain on your pocket. So, the fashion of women jewelry is not completed without silver.