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Upcoming Earring Trends

With the advent of the year 2020, the jewelry industry has promised us a number of unique trends. Jewelry crafters have been focusing more on the prevalent international issues, like the "clean green world" and have taken up a social responsibility to contribute to the several social welfare causes (e.g., Animal Rescue). Therefore they are stretching their horizons to the more environment-friendly jewelry collections. They are inclined to use such materials that do not cause pollution or other crises in the surroundings coming up with the boldly mixed material jewelry items. Artisans have been employing techniques (laser cut jewelry) that are more innovative and modern. Jewelry is designed taking in the inspiration from the future since it is going to be all about advancements in technology and headways in metallurgy.

Everythings Abstract

Future jewelry collections will tend to be more abstract and symbolic.

By abstract, we mean, the designers would use unique, unconventional shapes, patterns, colors, materials, and textures to seek to achieve the goal rather than presenting external reality or imitating already existing ideas. Its an open-end to design whatever you want. It is neither material restricted nor specific to a shape. Materials closer to mother nature such as wood are being utilized more.

2020 is in a milestone in itself as the first twenty (20) years of this millennium would be completed. Form opinions to perspectives and outlooks on various issues, a lot has changed. People now speak for the causes they support through their whole look, their outfit, accessories that complement it, and even the colors they choose to wear. The upcoming earring trends will endeavor and strive for the same. One word that could sum up the accessory collection for the future would be "personalized."

Timeless Pieces

Gone are the times when the fashion industry would stick to a particular theme and collaborate to create jewelry items that worked well with the proposed ideas which would ultimately get irrelevant when another season arrives with another new theme. This practice was product-based. Now, on the other hand, times have changed, and such pieces of jewelry are being designed that stay relevant in the future too. "Creating timeless jewelry" is the main aim and goal for the artisans now. Geometric shaped jewelry items are one such example. They are unique, bold, modern, and fit perfectly with every timeline. Check out the dangling triangle drop earrings by NEGIARABANI made up of mixed materials such as wood and brass that are our favorite and have been featured as one of the upcoming trends. Jewelry artisans are working towards creating ubiquitously exquisite items that will be here to stay.

Get Artsy!

Being artsy has also hit the spot for fashion fanatics and jewelry aficionados. Highlighting alternative materials like wood and stones, the trend encompasses both upgraded artisanal craftsmanship and childlike fun pieces as correspondingly relevant items to be paired with everything from a fun night out to formal office meetings.

The future is going to be all about expressing yourself, so get your glam out and be vocal about what you stand for!