simple, cool, glitter necklace with initials. Acrylics.
simple, cool, glitter necklace with initials. Acrylics.

Renaissance Glitter Necklace With Initials


Look cool and beautiful with this elegant long necklace carrying your initials. Add this beautiful necklace to your outfit for a glam look. Wear it when you go shopping, meet friends for brunch, go to a party or are just having a coffee.  The simple unique design of this piece will add an extra coolness to your everyday outfit. 

Pick your favorite glitter material/s, chain length and your initial you will get a unique beautiful piece.

Please note that depending on the initials the size of the components might slightly varied from those shown here. 

Please pay special attention and care to this fine necklace, as acrylic can break if you don't care properly. 

Designed and made in California. Some of the components are imported. 


Measurements & specifics:

- length of the pendant: 3 1/4"

- width of the pendent: 3 1/4"

- thickness: 1/8" (without initials)

- chain length in the featured image: 29"

- Materials: acrylic, base metal, plated brass, 


Order Fulfillment time

3-4 weeks


Shipping & Returns

We provide free standard shipping. Should you pick any other form of shipping we will consider your choice of shipping when your product is ready to ship.  

This necklace is made based on your selections and you will have something unique for yourself. As result of the custom manufacturing we cannot accept any returns on this product.

Should you wish a change in chain length after you receive your necklace, we would be happy for you to send us the product and we will change the chain length for you. Please review our FAQ for more information. 

Please note that some of the initials are glued. Glued pieces can come off if exposed to extreme heat, water or if you let them fall. We encourage you to pay special attention and give special care to this piece of jewelry. We will not accept any returns if the glue wears off. However we would be happy to glue the pieces together for you once if they come off within 3 months of your purchase, given no other damage has been done to the necklace. You will carry all shipping charges. 


Got more questions?

Do you have additional questions prior to placing an order? Contact us through email.